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Carolyn R. Guss
Certified Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher


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Carolyn R. Guss - The Tarot Muse

"The Tarot is a monumental and singular work, simple and strong as the architecture of the pyramids and, in consequence, as durable; it is a book which is the sum of all the sciences and whose infinite permutations are capable of solving all problems; a book which informs by making one think; it is perhaps the greatest masterpiece of the human mind, and certainly one of the most beautiful things handed down by Antiquity."  - Eliphas Levi, Les Mysteres de la Kabbale

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Specializing in readings for Self-Growth, Life Path, and Soul's Journey, as well as Relationship/Partnership issues and Career/Professional concerns.

The Tarot Muse/Carolyn R. Guss
Certified Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher
Ardmore, PA
Hours - 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST


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