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The Tarot Muse / Carolyn R. Guss

 Muse comes from the Greek word muein—
to initiate someone into the mysteries

I am a certified professional Tarot reader and instructor (National Tarot Certification Board) who has been working with the cards for three decades. A member of the American Tarot Association (and the former International Tarot Society), I have been reading and teaching the Tarot professionally since 1990. Along with my private clientele, I have served as the Tarot reader for Barnes & Noble’s “An Evening with Anne Rice” and as a reader and columnist for the New Age Directory website. I teach Tarot privately and in classes for Main Line School Night and at other venues in the Philadelphia area.  My articles on Tarot have appeared in Yoga Living magazine and I have been featured in Main Line Life.

In reading and teaching the Tarot, I embrace the traditional symbology of the cards while attempting to demystify them by emphasizing their importance as an intuitive and psychological tool. I believe that consulting the Tarot allows our subconscious to speak, with the cards alerting us to the voice of our own inner wisdom. Using the Tarot helps us to access the inborn psychic powers each person possesses.

Along with my gratitude at having been trained by some of the finest Tarot masters of the 20th and 21st centuries, I bring a strong background in the study of art history, symbology, and goddess and animal wisdom to my Tarot work. My readings include a working knowledge of numerology and astrology along with that enigmatic quality of intuition to create a multi-faceted consultation with every client.

For readings and other Tarot work, I offer my clients a range of decks to choose from, because a meaningful connection to the imagery on the cards enhances your Tarot experience.

Tarot as I See It

Tarot is a language of symbols. The magic of the symbols is a mirror for the magic in all of us. It helps us determine our place between heaven and earth.”

                                       Evelin Burger & Johannes Fiebig,  
                    The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads


One of the things I most appreciate about the Tarot is its blending of two languages: visual and verbal. As we see from ancient artifacts and works of art—such as Stonehenge, the caves at Lascaux, the Anasazi petroglyphs, and the White Chalk Horse of Uffington (to mention just a few)—images preceded and in some places stood in for the written word, thereby becoming a language in themselves. Jumping ahead many thousand years, by the time of the Tarot’s origin in mid-Fifteenth-Century Italy (we think), the two will have woven themselves into a tapestry of symbols, words, and wisdom.

Thus, when we approach the Tarot we open ourselves to gain insight, clarity, and understanding about our lives and our world through this magical blending of words and images. For a few further thoughts, see the article on this site, “How the Tarot Talks to Us."

 Tarot art collages by Carolyn R. Guss ©

A Reading with The Tarot Muse  

Understand your past, enhance the present, and envision your future with the Tarot as your guide. A consultation with The Tarot Muse encourages you to explore both your external and internal lives through this symbolic language. Rather than predicting events with the cards, I use the Tarot to help you discover your own inner wisdom in a way that provides guidance, offers direction, and reveals options you may not have been aware of. Your reading will illuminate current issues and highlight forthcoming concerns; each session is a satisfying, healing, and empowering experience. As The Tarot Muse, I will try to inspire and encourage you toward the realization of your goals and the creation of a more fulfilling future.

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Tarot art collages by Carolyn R. Guss ©


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