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Carolyn R. Guss
Certified Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher

Tarot inspires and empowers!

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A Reading with The Tarot Muse  

Understand your past, enhance the present, and envision your future with the Tarot as your guide. A consultation with The Tarot Muse encourages you to explore both your external and internal lives through this symbolic language. Rather than predicting events with the cards, I use the Tarot to help you discover your own inner wisdom in a way that provides guidance, offers direction, and reveals options you may not have been aware of. Your reading will illuminate current issues and highlight forthcoming concerns; each session is a satisfying, healing, and empowering experience. As The Tarot Muse, I will try to inspire and encourage you toward the realization of your goals and the creation of a more fulfilling future.


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A Few Things to Consider in Consulting the Tarot   








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